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Key Surgical

In an industry with virtually no design aesthetic, what would happen if someone used bold design, color and white space? The answer: quarter after quarter of solid growth. With their engaging, artistic and, most importantly, memorable, designs that feature their products as hero, Key Surgical has become an icon in the sterile processing industry. From the web and trade shows to advertising and office art, Key Surgical continues to engage potential customers at every touch point possible.

Key surgical mobile site samples
Key Surgical catalog

Delta Dental

The rapid shift toward a consumer-driven market created an opportunity for Delta Dental to engage with people in a deeper, more emotional way. The idea: send a “Smilie” (a well intentioned selfie) to someone you care about. The campaign resulted in 3x traffic to the website, and 100% increase in sales.

Delta Dental billiboard - I sent my grandma a Smilie.
Delta Dental billiboard - I sent my BFF a Smilie
Delta Dental billiboard - Official dental plan of hockey moms.

Transport America

Transport America hired Pocket Hercules to help recruit drivers for their fleet of 18-wheelers. In an ultra competitive landscape where driver turnover can top 80% per year, Pocket Hercules has created print, video, OLA, and social media that connect on an emotional level to communicate key company competitive advantages. Driver turnover is down and applications are up.