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Rapala has created a 40-year relationship with fishermen by creating lures that catch more and bigger fish, and marketing with a twinkle in the eye that makes them the brand with whom you’d most like to fish. Rapala came to Pocket Hercules to uphold the brand’s character, with new and imaginative ways to engage the core fishing enthusiast and to pull casual fishing people toward the brand.

Outdoor Series – Florida Keys

Small space – coastal ads

Rapala and the joy of fishing

Every now and then, Rapala produces work simply to create “boat talk” among fishermen. If they say “Did you see the one where…”, you can bet they’re talking about Rapala.

VMC Coastal Black

Rapala-owned VMC hooks introduces Coastal Black, a new line of hooks made specifically for saltwater with layers of ultra-thin back finish to withstand a punishing environment.


Sufix 832 braided line has been the biggest success story in the fishing line category in the past five years. It’s now the #2 brand of superline in the market, and gaining share quickly. A global home run with the same marketing all over the world. Sufix 832 reinforces the serious angler’s mantra to “Always use the best line.” Sufix 832 is more authentic, more dependable, and more badass. Why would you mess with anything else?

Bass Pro

Bass Pro Tracker Boats are the number one selling fishing boats in America. To support the Tracker Boating Centers in the northern region, Pocket Hercules creates advertising that appeals both to anglers and outdoor loving families. The approach has been picked up and used nationwide.

National Outdoor Boards


For over 100 years Harley-Davidson has unquestionably stood for freedom, independence and quest for adventure. When creating advertising and marketing concepts for this iconic American brand, Pocket Hercules has always been guided by a simple principle: Reinforce our core base while expanding the brand into popular culture. Recently, during Inauguration Week, Pocket Hercules unveiled the latest campaign from Harley-Davidson – United We Roll. The ad debuted as a spread in USAToday, and caused quite a stir. It not only rang true to core H-D enthusiasts but helped to unite a divided American spirit. The Trump administration immediately requested to visit Milwaukee and speak on American manufacturing. Instead, Harley-Davidson came to the White House and revved bikes on the White House lawn.

The second piece of work overcomes the perception of low technology by showcasing the state-of-the art York Pennsylvania Harley plant and reinforces the pride of Made in America.

The third spot is from a campaign titled “Live Your Legend” targeting younger motorcycle enthusiasts that resulted in Harley-Davidson gaining 2 points of market share in spite of overall motorcycle sales being down 8.2% for the year.

Zeiss Sports Optics

By pouring state-of-the-art German engineering, cutting-edge innovation and the most advanced technology available into every product they make, nobody makes precision optics like Carl Zeiss. And since this brand is made for only the most serious hunters and sportsmen, the advertising and communication had to speak directly to this hardcore audience in an authentic voice. If you believe like we do, that “Optics are everything” in hunting, you won’t settle for lesser brands.