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Harley-Davidson recently launched a campaign titled “Live Your Legend” targeting younger motorcycle enthusiasts. The campaign was created by Minneapolis ad agencies Pocket Hercules and Wolfes. The campaign debuted on the 2016 NCAA Tournament, and resulted in Harley-Davidson gaining 2 points of market share in spite of overall motorcycle sales being down 8.2% for the year. Today, Harley-Davidson is the No. 1 seller of new highway motorcycles in the U.S. to adults 18-34, including women, African Americans and Latinos. The campaign included television, video, print, social and digital advertising.

Yellow Jacket

Since 1949, Yellow Jacket has manufactured HVAC tool right here in America. Recently, competitors with products made in Mexico and overseas have entered the market. Yellow Jacket hired Pocket Hercules to reinforce the quality and Made in the USA messages that have made this brand the #1 selling HVAC tool line in America.

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Yellow Jacket print ad - Tools made in America for guys who make America comfortable.
Yellow Jacket mobile website samples.
Yellow Jacket print ads

Transport America

Transport America hired Pocket Hercules to help recruit drivers for their fleet of 18-wheelers. In an ultra competitive landscape where driver turnover can top 80% per year, Pocket Hercules has created print, video, OLA, and social media that connect on an emotional level to communicate key company competitive advantages. Driver turnover is down and applications are up.

Transport America print ad - Unless your birth certificate says 4539-18, we'll stick to calling you Dave.
Transport America print ad - You were transporting America way before you heard of Transport America.
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